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Is More Inventory on the Horizon for the South End?

Posted by lynnoconnellrealestate_ntlepx on May 12, 2016
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The landscape of the South End is continuing to change along the border of Route 93. Related Beal, a development team, has recently proposed plans to the Boston Redevelopment Authority for a 14-story residential building on the site of the former Quinzani’s Bakery at the corner of Harrison Avenue and East Berkeley Street. The plan outlines a mix of 175 apartments and 105 condos along with retail space on the street level. Parking for 180 vehicles is also included for the 280 units.

“There are a lot of exciting things going on in that market,” said Kimberly Sherman Stamler, president of Related Beal. “We’re really looking forward to adding to it.”

The collection of homes adds to the fast growing corner of the South End that is turning into quite a destination. The area was historically an industrial location for many years and is now becoming one of the hottest spots for new development. The recent addition of Ink Block introduced a city block that is chock full of residential units coupled with retail including the infamous Whole Foods Market. This development has created an anchor for the other homes that are soon to be built on the surrounding streets.

Quinzani’s Bakery was closed in August of 2015 where the Boston Globe dubbed it as “latest industrial site to vacate the rapidly gentrifying part of the neighborhood where the Massachusetts Turnpike meets the Southeast Expressway.”

The plans for the development are currently in the preliminary stages. However, with the amount of activity for the area it is just a matter of time before a development of this scale will be approved. The plan aso included a revitalization of the sidewalk along the building as an attempt to finish off the area. Details state:

“The primary pedestrian walkway will be between rows of trees providing ample shade and definition to the pedestrian experience. Either side of the allée of trees will be populated with locations for outdoor seating and other activities. The spatial arrangement of walkway and trees will allow for multiple potential uses that can provide both public and commercial amenities to the neighborhood.”

If approved, the master plan includes bike storage for residents as well as added on-street parking for the neighborhood.