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How to Add Curb Appeal for Buyers

Posted by lynnoconnellrealestate_ntlepx on May 27, 2016
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The real estate market is certainly performing well lately with homes being on the market fewer days than years before, but making sure your home is in perfect condition is still essential. Never underestimate the effect that curb appeal has on prospective buyers as the exterior of your home is the first and last thing that everyone will see.

Condominiums with great grounds and an aesthetically pleasing building will draw buyers in. The property management is typically in charge of maintaining the building and grounds on a regular basis. Trustees will often report any issues or give direction for how the owners would like the grounds maintained or updated seasonally.

For single families, homeowners are solely responsible for these tasks themselves. From regular yard maintenance to building repairs it is up to them to keep the home in great condition and create the perfect curb appeal.

No matter what the type of property is that you have, it needs to look great online with proper descriptions, photos and dimensions and still need to have the right curb appeal physically to sell. Here are some tips on how to prepare your home to sell.

Target Buyers – All sellers want to attract a buyer who will pay them top dollar for their home. Consider the reasons that you bought the home and highlight those attributes. Perhaps you loved the oversized windows or exceptional yard. Chances are the buyer for your home will appreciate the same things that you did so pay particular attention to these features.

Appeal to the Masses – This can be particularly tricky if a seller has used their home as an outlet for creative expression. Avoid making your home “taste specific” and stage your home to cater to the needs and likes of most. This means selecting colors and palettes that are more neutral both inside and out.

The Exterior – Your home’s curb appeal should not be an overgrown or cluttered front yard. Excessive bold colors or over-done gardens can send the wrong message to buyers. Finding that happy medium between standing out as being in great condition yet not drastically different from the neighbors is your goal.

Keep it Clean – Maintaining cleanliness is extremely important. Keeping the home looking and smelling clean on the inside as well as washing the windows will help your home stand out. It is best to have the home clean throughout the entire sale process.

Curb Appeal – Make a great first impression. Start with your front door and follow on into the foyer. A freshly painted front door that greets buyers into a quality home’s entrance will make any buyer excited to see more and hopefully make an offer.