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Fenway Could See 325 More Housing Units

Posted by lynnoconnellrealestate_ntlepx on July 7, 2016
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Trans National Properties has recently submitted their plans to develop a new building at 2 Charlesgate West. Trans National Group currently occupies the existing building at this location which borders the Massachusetts Turnpike. Plans for the new building include a tower that would be 340 feet tall.

TNP has expressed that they feel the current building is not very architecturally significant and therefore they propose that it be torn down and replaced with a tower consisting of 360,000 square feet. Plans for the new building will include 325 residential units, both condos and apartments with retail and office space on the first floor. Building design is being handled by architects Elkus Manfredi.

Many new construction projects are sprouting up all over the Boston area. Specifically, the Midtown, South Boston, Back Bay, Jamaica Plain and Fenway neighborhoods are experiencing many new projects being proposed to help solve the current shortage of housing inventory.

Not too far from 2 Charlesgate West’s location is Pierce Boston. Located in the Fenway at 1325 Boylston Street, this new construction 30 story tower will offer 109 condominiums and 240 apartments to the local real estate market. Now, after just 7 months of being under construction, Pierce Boston is 30% pre-sold.

The TNP location at 2 Charlesgate is bordered by both Ipswich Street and an alley that is traveled by pedestrians for access to local establishments and Red Sox games.

“As a result of the scale of this gateway project, TNP will be able to provide substantial improvements to both Ipswich Street and the open spaces along Boylston Street, while at the same time delivering an iconic architectural expression to the neighborhood,” said Justin Krebs, executive vice president of Trans National Properties, in a prepared statement. “Our proposed Charlesgate development can have a transformative impact on this part of the Fenway neighborhood, and TNP is committed to providing the resources to accomplish this.”

Trans National Properties also has stated that they intend on creating an “Arts Fenway” for Ipswich Street. This project will be an arts driven beautification with lighting, landscaping and pedestrian flow and safety being the primary goals for the movement. The Boston Conservatory and The Fenway Alliance will also play a role in this effort as well.

Kelly Brilliant, executive director of The Fenway Alliance, said she hoped to transform the “windswept, neglected area” into a zone “more hospitable to the public. “We are very interested as well in adding our support to the potential of possible creative housing solutions to help the artists who live and work in the historic, nationally landmarked Fenway Studios be able to remain to do so, and continue their artistic careers in Boston,” Brilliant said in a prepared statement.