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How Landscaping can Increase a Home’s Value

Posted by lynnoconnellrealestate_ntlepx on November 28, 2016
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If the time has come where you are contemplating an investment into landscaping your yard, how do you know that you will recapture the financial investment on a sale? Landscaping is often overlooked as being a significant improvement project unlike a kitchen remodel. However, a landscaping investment can sometimes come back in resale more than you may have figured.

A recent publication from Virginia Tech shared that landscaping is valued at roughly 15% of the home’s total value. A further breakdown of landscaping includes how much certain elements are valued and are as follows:

Design: 42%
Plant size: 36%
Plant selection: 22%

The report states that a house that is valued at $150,000 could potentially go from $8,300 in worth to nearly $19,000 with the additional of landscaping. Here are more details on these elements and how you can increase the value of your home.

Landscape Design
The way you design your yard is very important. If you plant shrubs, trees and flowers without a strategy for design then you may set yourself up for having potential maintenance issues. This is why you should consider hiring a professional designer to assist. They have the knowledge of plants that mix well together, which plants will be suitable for different locations and which will be less troublesome.

Plant Size
An array of different plant sizes will add an appealing look to your yard visually. A variety of shapes, sizes and colors can certainly enhance the look. Also, mixing in different plants will help reduce the clutter in your yard. For example, a collection of busy plants will cause for more maintenance in the way of trimming and potential root and branch issues.

Diverse Plants
A good selection of plants will add color and an interesting appearance. Fruit trees, shrubs with flowers as well as annual and perennial flowers will have your yard looking outstanding. Annuals do have to be replaced every year, however this provides you with the opportunity to alter the color and look. Perennials will last many years and can typically endure a tough winter.

Whether you hire a professional or take on the challenge yourself, consider adding in these three elements. These ideals will provide you with a good return with a higher resale value while providing great curb appeal to prospective buyers.