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Selling Real Estate

Whatever the reason is for selling your home, I can assist you with prioritizing what needs to be done with respect to getting your home ready for sale. In addition, I can also offer you my contacts and resources. From plumbers to painters I can connect you with any contractors or service providers that you may need. Below is a checklist to help get you started for what you need to do.

Determining Price: Every home is unique which means pricing it correctly will be determined by several factors. My market knowledge and expertise can assist you by providing current comps as well as consider the highly desirable attributes that your home has. It is vital that we go to the market with the correct price. Typically you get your most amount of traffic in the first two to three weeks so having your home presented perfectly from condition to price will help you reap the benefits of these interested buyers.

The Exterior: The exterior of your home is the first thing and the last thing all potential buyers will see. Be sure your landscaping is maintained and front doors are painted fresh. Give all buyers a positive first impression and great one that they can take with them when they leave.

Cleanliness: Cleaning your home doesn’t stop after we take professional photography. Keeping it in perfect condition throughout the entire marketing process is important as well. Aside from broker tours and open houses, showings can be requested with shorter notice. In the interest of getting as much traffic through the home with potential buyers, it is key to keep the house looking at its best as often as possible for all who are viewing it.

Staging: Getting your home in perfect condition for sale is imperative. Decluttering, cleaning and arranging your furniture so that it shows best can really help buyers see its true value. Freshening up paint, repairing any obviously worn areas and remedying any deferred maintenance will help your home show off its best. While hiring a professional staging service may not be required in every instance, often it is a wise idea to declutter the property, move unnecessary furniture into temporary storage and thoroughly clean the premises.